Access & edit your digital assets any time using DigiBoxx

Several years ago, when there was no cloud storage system except Google Drive, many people considered pen drives their best option to store files. People were keeping Google Drive as their backup source for saving digital assets. We have seen several of us storing files in memory cards.

But standing in 2021, when we think about our flashback, we might think that we were wasting our time storing digital assets at multiple places. Of course, we were concerned about losing our digital assets, and we were also worried about physical drives getting corrupted. Hence, we were continuing those activities considering the limitations we had.

Let us come back in 2021 from our flashback and understand the present situation. Currently, other than Google Drive, we have several other cloud storage systems. One of them is DigiBoxx.

Primary Advantages of using DigiBoxx

DigiBoxx is an Indian Cloud Storage platform created to solve all our concerns about our digital assets. It was introduced to us in December 2020. By then, it started becoming our asset management solution to save our digital assets from unauthorized access and losing. One important aspect that we want to discuss here, considering the present pandemic situation, is how this asset management platform helps users stay updated and consistent in their brand management.

You might be wondering how DigiBoxx helps users do consistent brand management.

Yes, it does! And here is how!

  • Consistency in Brand Management

    We all are presently working from home, respecting the rules and regulations framed by our respective governments. Unfortunately, this situation makes it difficult for us to have a consistent brand message being communicated in our pitches and spread the message across social channels.

    The major drawback that we face is that we have multiple versions of the same file being present in our systems. As a result, the message does not stay consistent across the channels. Thus, keeping a central repository, like DigiBoxx, for all our files will favor consistent branding across the channels.

  • Access & Edit your files any time you want

    The other problem we face in the current situation is that we need to access our files any time, anywhere, since we work from home. In that case, having all our files stored in the central repository will make us feel relax. Having DigiBoxx storing our files, we can access and edit our files (assets) any time, anywhere.

    Suppose one day you decide you want to go out somewhere and work. In such a case, DigiBoxx being available as WebApp and Mobile App, you can access your important documents in seconds. In just a few clicks, you will be able to edit your assets without any ado.


Thus, we can conclude that DigiBoxx has all the essential features to store your files, secure your files, and allow accessing & editing your files wherever you are, whenever you want. Happy DigiBoxxing!