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Digiboxx Partner with Reliance Jio

Jio Platforms Ltd., the digital services division of Reliance Industries Ltd., and DigiBoxx, an Indian file storage and sharing platform, announced a partnership with the goal of creating cutting-edge storage solutions and better serving Jio’s current and potential customer base’s needs for cloud consolidation.

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News World Speaks

Digiboxx Partner with Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio Platforms Ltd., the digital services division of Reliance Industries Ltd., and DigiBoxx, an Indian file storage and sharing platform, announced a partnership with the goal of creating cutting-edge storage solutions and better serving Jio’s current and potential customer base’s needs for cloud consolidation.

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Digiboxx launches new S3 compatible storage solution –  MEGH3, for Enterprise and Govt businesses

2 min read · 25 July 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cloud storage has become a critical component for individuals and businesses alike. With an increasing number of players in the market, finding the right cloud storage solution that caters to your specific needs can be a daunting task. However, India’s very own Digiboxx has emerged as a game-changer, providing cloud storage solutions that are not only pocket-friendly but also feature-rich and reliable. In this blog post, we’ll explore Digiboxx’s latest collaboration with Hitachi Systems to launch Megh3, compatible with S3 storage solution, elevating your data storage experience to a whole new level.

Arnab Mitra, CEO of Digiboxx, said, “Megh3 is built on really compelling, powerful capabilities and we have put tremendous effort into adding new features, keeping in mind the myriad data storage requirements of customers.

I am confident that Megh3 will be instrumental in bringing about organizational transformation as it affords both reliability and scalability. In addition, with growing concerns over data ownership and digital IP. it is necessary to be more conscious about where your data is being stored. Our servers and data centers are based in India, ensuring the user’s digital assets are stored safely in the country.

Megh3 Key features:

S3 Compatible Storage – The Key to Seamless Data Migration

Megh3 brings you the convenience of S3 API integration, following the industry-standard S3 protocol. This compatibility ensures that you can effortlessly migrate your data from any source without the need for extensive modifications to your existing applications. By simply changing the credentials and URL, you can seamlessly connect your data to Megh3’s powerful cloud storage system. This ease of integration allows you to focus on your core business functions without worrying about complicated data transfer processes.

Uncompromising Security – Your Data’s Fortress

At Megh3, data security is paramount. All your sensitive information remains encrypted both during transit and while at rest within the fortified walls of their state-of-the-art data centers. These data centers are equipped with round-the-clock physical monitoring and cutting-edge biometric security measures, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the servers. Additionally, Megh3 employs the latest monitoring software to safeguard your data from potential threats, ensuring the highest level of protection against data breaches.

Stored in India (Data Localization) – A Winning Combination

With Megh3, data sovereignty takes center stage. Storing your data in India ensures that your critical assets remain within the country’s borders, adhering to local regulations and providing you with greater control over your data. Furthermore, local storage translates to reduced latency, allowing you to access your data quickly and efficiently whenever you need it most. Megh3 understands the importance of seamless data access and delivers on that promise, empowering you to operate at peak efficiency.

Flexibility and Freedom – Compatibility with Any Server

Megh3’s storage solution seamlessly complements your existing storage infrastructure, allowing you to avoid vendor lock-ins. This flexibility empowers you to choose the best tools and services that cater to your unique business requirements without being restricted to a single provider. With Megh3, you have the freedom to tailor your object storage strategy precisely to your liking, unlocking new possibilities for your business.

Shielding You from Cyber Threats – DDOS Protection

In today’s digital world, cyber-attacks pose a significant threat to data integrity and availability. Megh3 has your back with robust DDOS protection, automatically detecting and thwarting malicious attacks. This proactive defense mechanism ensures that your files remain secure and accessible to genuine users, keeping your data shielded from any potential harm.

A Dedicated Service Desk – Your Support System

Megh3’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond its robust infrastructure. With a highly trained and dedicated service desk available 24/7, you can rest assured that your concerns will be addressed promptly and efficiently. Whether you need assistance with technical queries or require guidance on optimizing your object storage utilization, Megh3’s expert support team is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Fully Managed Hardware – Simplifying Your Operations

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Megh3 understands this and takes care of managing the hardware infrastructure for you. This fully managed service frees you from the burden of maintaining and troubleshooting hardware issues, enabling you to focus solely on innovation and building groundbreaking applications that propel your business forward.

Easy Scale-Up – Your Storage Solution for the Future

As your business grows, so do your data storage needs. Megh3’s easy scalability allows you to add more storage seamlessly, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure remains aligned with your expanding business requirements. With Megh3, you have a future-proof storage solution that can evolve alongside your organization, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to any challenges that come your way.

Scale Your Storage Seamlessly with Our Flexible Object Storage Plans

Megh3 offers a range of flexible and scalable Object Storage plans designed to cater to diverse storage requirements. Whether you are an individual looking to store personal files or a business seeking to manage large volumes of critical data, Megh3 has the perfect plan to accommodate your needs. Let’s delve into the pricing details for 1TB of storage with Megh3 as well as some of the industry’s major players.

Megh3 – Rs. 1299 per year for 1TB of Storage

At just Rs. 1299 per year, Megh3 emerges as the most budget-friendly option for 1TB of object storage. Not only does Megh3 offer competitive pricing, but it also ensures that you receive top-notch services, including S3 compatible storage, end-to-end encryption, DDOS protection, and a dedicated service desk. With Megh3, you get more value for your money, making it an ideal choice for cost-conscious individuals and businesses.

  • Google Cloud – Rs. 1650 per year for 1TB of Storage
  • Digital Ocean – Rs. 1659 per year for 1TB of Storage
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) – Rs. 2075 per year for 1TB of Storage
  • Oracle Cloud – Rs. 2142 per year for 1TB of Storage


In conclusion, Megh3, the result of Digiboxx’s partnership with Hitachi Systems, offers an exceptional object storage solution tailored for the Indian market. With its S3 compatible storage, top-notch security measures, seamless data migration, and dedicated customer support, Megh3 sets a new standard for object storage providers in India. 

The combination of low latency, data sovereignty, and DDOS protection further solidifies Megh3’s position as a reliable and forward-thinking choice for businesses and individuals alike. Embrace the power of Megh3 and unlock new possibilities for your data storage needs. Discover the convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind that Megh3 brings to the cloud storage landscape in India. Contact now.