The 2022 DigiBoxx: Faster, Smoother, Easier

User experience is one of the most important factors in the success of a File Sharing app.

Performance and usability entail the fundamentals of good user experience and that is why the new DigiBoxx cloud storage and file transfer app has been developed on Kotlin.

This has drastically improved performance for our valued customers so that now you can upload heavy data without worrying about any performance issues.

The new revamped design makes usability easier than it already is. The new design is engineered after careful consideration of small details that smoothen the user Journey.

Starting from basics, there has been major improvement in file upload. Now you can upload multiple files seamlessly without expecting your app to crash.

The user interaction for uploading a file to the cloud drive has also been improved for your convenience. To elaborate, you can now also see the progress upload of your file/files.

Previewing a file has become important nowadays as it helps you save time. That is why we now have a new and improved file preview option. You can now preview various formats, faster and in full screen.

That’s right no need to download every file to view them properly, you can just view it on your DigiBoxx cloud storage and file transfer app and leave a few comments.

Sharing your files and folders on the cloud drive has become of paramount importance but sometimes it takes time and sometimes the quality of a shared digital asset reduces. However, our revamped sharing feature allows you to share files and folders faster than ever with no reduced quality in the file.

More importantly, you can share it with multiple people at a click of a button. For those who like to give limited access of their files to people we now offer the user to select a viewer or commentator access of the file and folder. Better control, better speed and a better experience.

DigiBoxx believes in providing its users personalization as data organization is subjective from person to person. So you can choose your own Digispace name, your profile picture, colors for various folders, tags for various files, various filter and sort options and best of all your local language. DigiBoxx is made in India for Indians and is therefore available in 8 local Indian languages. So what are you waiting for? Sign up, Get DigiBoxx and have your data more organized than ever while maintaining your organizing style. There have been a number of bug fixes as well.

Your DigiBoxx file sharing app is now faster and better than ever!

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