Updates in v2.8.7 – 28th October 2021

New Features:
October 28th

  1. Bulk user creation in SMB accounts

The more the merrier!

New feature alert! We’ve got some good news for our B2B users. You can now set up your departments on DigiBoxx easily, with our newest feature – bulk user creation for SMB accounts. Time-saving with minimal effort; through this feature each user can be assigned to multiple accounts at once instead of painstaking manual addition.

  1. User creation with BOT

Chat to create!

A user can now create an account by chatting with the DigiBoxx BOT. This feature aims at making the user creation process convenient during signing up. If any user finds the process difficult while creating an account, BOT will aid with all the pertinent details.

  1. Instashare enhancements

Instant fixes!

Users will be delighted to know that we’ve made some cool new improvements to our popular feature InstaShare.

Enhancements have been made to show file count and allow share of files of all sizes upto 2GB- making file count visible in order to improve UI/UX and usability. Earlier, there were glitches even during transferring small file sizes which has now been completely ironed out.


Ensuring a smooth sailing process!

 With an array of improvement.

  •  In our latest DigiBoxx release the large folders now come with sub-directories which help structure data and make it look much more presentable.  Large folders make your data organization easy. Overall, it becomes a smoother and faster process.  We also have the Smart Reach tool for quick access to any file. Don’t forget to check it out!
  • We have also fixed file upload issues for allowing all file types excluding exe files and have removed the limit on the number of files in a single folder.
  • You are now assured of improved performance during the upload process. We have taken efforts to considerably increase the speed of uploading. For example, a 100 MB file earlier used to take 10 seconds to upload, but now it takes only 6-7 seconds.
  • In the current release the interface is much more user-friendly as there is a progress bar as an aid.  It is in the form of a circular upload icon that depicts the percentage from 1% to 100% during the upload process. Isn’t that convenient? You can now track your upload easily.

Cross site scripting security has been amped up. An example of cross-site scripting attack includes the instance when an attacker stores malicious script in the data sent from a website’s search or contact form. A typical example of reflected cross-site scripting is a search form, where visitors send their search query to the server, and only they see the result. This can cause harm to our site or even bring down the app. This has been taken care of in the current release. So, brace yourself for the new and improved DigiBoxx.