Updates in v2.9.x – 23rd November 2021

New Features:

Password protection for folders:

Security customised!

More security per folder! To protect confidential files & information, users can now add password protection to specific folders. This fresh new feature allows users to add access restrictions within a shared DigiBoxx space, which helps to limit the activity to authorised users only. Users can add, edit, or remove these changes, as and when required.

This feature is available only for paid DigiBoxx accounts and is fully-functional on the web-based platform. While a user can currently only lock folders on the mobile app, access to the protected folders and content is accessible only via the web-based version of DigiBoxx


An improved app-eal!

Refined UI alignment and site visuals.

This latest tweak brings an improved overall aesthetic for those users who just like to stop and take a moment to stare at their DigiBoxx. We’ve calculated and calibrated the alignment to give you a better UI to work, play, or simply store with! With these new tweaks, using your DigiBoxx is now cleaner and easy on the eye as well.

Notification Feature

New feature alert… quite literally!

DigiBoxx introduces its latest update. The user will receive a notification via email whenever a file or folder is assigned to or shared with them. This instant alert feature has been created keeping in mind user convenience.