Version 2.10.x- 6th December 2021

New Features:

An app that speaks your language!

Multiple Language Options

What’s a swadeshi cloud storage without swadeshi languages? Your DigiBoxx can now be customized and viewed in your own local language. Besides the default English setting, you can now select from a list of eight local Indian tongues which includes Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil & Telugu. This feature was initially available only on the web version of DigiBoxx, but is now accessible on the mobile app as well.

Move and organize, your way.

Move files or folder across your DigiBoxx

Stored or saved something in the wrong location? No problem! In the latest update, you can now move your files or folders directly within your MyBoxx. This feature is currently available only on the website-based version, but will soon be released on the app as well.