Carry Your Memories Wherever You Go With DigiFotos

DigiBoxx brings out its newest addition under the banner of cloud storage solutions – DigitFotos. DigiFotos allows you to back up your photos and videos onto your account and access them at any time in the future. 

Easy and quick file syncing 

All you must do to simply transfer your photos and videos, is go to “My box” folder in DigiBoxx. You’ll find DigiFotos there, sync your respective device and upload hassle-free, that too unlimited number of times! We will never run out of space for you, so you can click-on worry free. 

What makes DigiFotos even more amazing is that you can sync an unlimited number of photos and videos from any device and save space. This way your devices stay clutter-free and you focus on making as many memories as you can without running out of storage with this file storage platform! 

Send large files up to 2GB

DigiFotos’s seamless uploading capabilities also offers a simple transfer of data no matter the number of photos or videos you want to upload, meaning you can even transfer big files. Even editing photos with filters and making it look even more aesthetic is easily doable on Digiboxx cloud storage platform. 

DigiFotos cloud storage runs ad-free so that your user journey never gets interrupted, and you spend time segregating photos and videos into folders in the data storage, so they are easy to go through whenever you want to view them. Everything becomes a click away on this free cloud storage. You can easily take your favourite photos and make them your phone wallpapers! 

If your device has run out of space, DigiFotos is a safe option to backup files. When you backup files , your data stays safe and you can show or share files on the go! 

Secure Cloud Storage – Privacy by Design

Privacy is a major concern for everybody. With DigiFotos cloud storage you share your photos and videos with only those whom you know and personally add to your sharing cloud. This way your photo storage remains in your hand and can be used only as per your discretion.

The simplicity of our cloud photo storage platform is that all you have to do is click, sync and store. No lags, no glitches, seamless interface to make your life easier than ever and giving you more space to store all that is important to you!