Which is the best, free, and secured file transfer service?

Working remotely from home had never been typical for us. The major shift during this coronavirus pandemic has been the economic & psychological changes. But, by utilizing the right set of approaches & technology have made the transition easier for us.

Selecting a file transfer app, the cloud storage, in general, is critical while all of our friends, family, and other subordinates are leaving far. Truly selecting the best file transfer services can indeed improve the work efficiency and effectiveness of your employees.

Data is the lifeblood of all organizations. To ensure that your data is secured and transferred to the destination device quickly, an organization needs to consider the below-mentioned five things while selecting a file transfer service.

5 things to consider while selecting a file transfer service

  1. Investment for using the file transfer service

    Every organization will first check the amount they need to invest while using any technology without any surprise. Though the pricing structure may vary depending on your requirements, understanding each aspect of the investment is necessary.

    There are cloud storage apps like DigiBoxx, which provides free services as well as the paid services. You can select the plan based on your cloud drive requirements.

  2. Security of the files while transferring it

    It is a significant factor while selecting a cloud storage provider, where you need to check whether the cloud storage provides the required security during file transfers. You need to check whether cloud storage provides end-to-end security while transferring your files to the destination folder.

    File transfer app like DigiBoxx promises you to give end-to-end security while transferring your data.

  3. Limitations

    Though this depends on the plan you purchase, you need to know the limitations of your cloud storage app. There are several apps which limit your file size limits while transferring your files or storing your files. There are many more such limitations of your app.

    DigiBoxx does have its limitations like 2 GB is the maximum file size you can store with the free version of the app. But, as you go to the paid versions of the app, these limits are extended.

  4. Sync your files

    One of the critical aspects of using the cloud storage system is that it provides file synchronization services, especially when most of us are sitting at home for our work. Suppose, if someone changes the document stored inside the cloud storage, you must receive all the updates made to the document.

    DigiBoxx also ensures the same once you store your critical digital assets inside the DigiSpace. Once you open your assets, you get the latest versions of the assets.

  5. How easy is it to use the app?

    The user experience carries much value in today’s market. If you lack in providing a better user experience, probably people will not accept your app widely.

    With the easy-to-access features and easy-to-understand app interface, DigiBoxx has excelled in providing the best user experience. Hence, the number of users which has crossed the 1 million mark suggests its usability score.

Without compromising on any of these things, you need to select a cloud storage app. Considering the requirements of the current organizations and the things everyone must consider while choosing a file transfer app, we feel DigiBoxx fits the expectations.

You can try it out yourself before accepting our claim of DigiBoxx being one of the finest file transfer services available today. Additionally, it comes with a free service for storing your files, securing them from unauthorized access, and transferring them at your convenience.

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