Top 4 marketing problems that we can avoid using a Digital Asset Management Platform

Ever since the pandemic of Covid-19 has occurred, we have been continuously occupying user’s attention towards how it has impacted the overall market. But when we discuss software vertical, mainly digital asset management (DAM), there are issues other than Covid-19 and its impact on the software industry.

A few challenges belong to businesses, creators, marketers, and all other people who have stored assets (images, videos, files, etc.). Before deciding on any solution, you first have to evaluate how you currently manage your assets and how you share them. Does it create any impact on your business, like an increase in your cost and decreased sales?

If you are not using the Digital Asset Management platform, you might be using disconnected tools and databases to store your assets. We hope that you know that these disconnected tools and databases are costly and manual.

For many businesses, teams across several departments require quick and efficient access to assets like images, videos, files, etc. They can use them in emails, blogs, presentations, and more. Storing these assets in a DAM will avoid four major marketing problems we have listed below.

Major Marketing Problems Concerning Asset Management

a. Tracking a missing digital asset is a complicated task

It is simple that if you are losing or missing your digital asset, then you are losing sales. With multiple storage devices to store your digital asset, it becomes horrible to find out the asset’s device. It becomes complex when the asset goes missing.

How will a DAM nullify these complex scenarios?

  • A DAM becomes a central repository for all your assets. The chances of your assets missing are almost negligible.

b. Failure to effectively share the images and media files

With increased volumes of data, file transfers have now become a significant issue. Marketing teams have been continuously struggling to provide the right asset as required. Failing in it may have a great effect on your business.

How can a DAM effectively solve the issue of sharing images and media files?

  • A DAM in such cases will ensure an efficient sharing of your files with the teams, and it will also ensure that not a single file or asset is lost during the transmission.
  • There is no delay while sharing the files (it is subject to a powerful internet connection).

c. You cannot access your assets anywhere/anytime

Suppose you are traveling for a business meeting. And if your assets are located in disconnected system resources, it becomes critical for you to access them when you need them.

How a DAM makes it easier for you to access your assets anywhere/anytime?

  • A DAM, in such cases, becomes a safety measure for you to access all your assets.
  • You can locate your assets whenever you need them, irrespective of the location.

d. It is challenging to secure your assets.

When your digital assets are in a disconnected system – departmental databases, individual computers, storage hard drives – implementing, monitoring, and securing the assets become tough. Considering the importance of these assets in marketing and sales needs, it becomes crucial to store them in central storage; you don’t have to worry about their security and monitoring.

How a DAM platform secures your assets?

  • A Digital Asset Management platform allows you to centralize your assets in a single system.
  • With a Digital Asset Management platform, you can perform your regular backups and implement policies to govern its access rights.

Thus, we would say that implementing a Digital Asset Management platform for storing all your assets has numerous advantages. We do agree that there are challenges too. But those challenges are eliminated if you choose a good Digital Asset Management platform.

So, are you ready to start using a Digital Asset Management platform?

We hope that this post will change your outlook for a Digital Asset Management platform. Let us know what you think. We would be pleased to hear from you.

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