The technology behind the phenomenon

How does DigiBoxx do as much as it does? How does it store ALL those files on an Indian cloud storage? And how does it keep everyone’s digital assets safe and separate from each other? We’ll answer all of those questions in a jiffy.

1) Robust Cloud Content Management System:

Given the current situation of the world, where remote working has become a top priority, cloud content management systems have become an essential tool for enterprises of all sizes and budgets. What does it mean though? It is essentially a content management system (or CMS) that operates on the cloud. To break it down further, let’s take this example – usually, you’d purchase a license for a CMS, or download a free CMS. You’d then host it on your own server or pay a third-party hosting company to host your CMS.

With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about the hosting any more. You don’t need on-premise/physical servers to maintain your data. The cloud does it for you. So you can focus on the bigger picture – your business. DigiBoxx stores everything for you on an Indian cloud, securely, and even allows you to customize your digital folder to match your brand colours. Basically, you leave the backend to us, and focus on facing the customer. That’s what a good cloud content management system does for you.

2) Cloud Security:

DigiBoxx is, essentially, at its heart, a file-storage and sharing tool (to put it very simply) on the cloud. But given that millions of bytes of data are exchanged through this cloud, you need proper cloud computing security. It’s a list of security measures designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

These measures ensure the authentication of users and devices, access control for data and resources, and protection of data privacy. They also support data regulatory compliance and all Indian laws like the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill. Think of DigiBoxx as the ultimate data protector on an Indian cloud.