What are the pros of using cloud storage?

‘Cloud storage’ is data storage that is removable and accessible via a server. It is a data storage classified as ‘Infrastructure as a service.’

Several customers now use cloud storage for their file sharing requirements. There is no reason why a business must not have a cloud storage service. It has considerable advantages over traditional document storage.

Here are the reasons/pros of using cloud storage for your personal/business use of online file transfer.

Benefits of using Cloud Storage

Benefits #1 – Recovery of data during any unfortunate event

When using cloud storage for your personal/business use, data is at a lower risk of losing as there is a backup stored on an external device. You might locate these devices thousands of miles away from you.

It means that you reduce the cost & time consumed during the data retrieval process. The best cloud storage providers automate the backup process for you. It will naturally reduce the time of retrieval and save your expenses. Thus, reducing the overall stress.

Benefit #2 – Access your data remotely

Suppose you are traveling somewhere outside your mother country and want to access your data. If you have cloud storage in place to store your data, you can access it while moving out.

In other cases, when your team is spread across different geographical locations and wants to collaborate, cloud drive quickens the process of accessing a team member’s latest documents just by signing in. It is irrespective of whether you are at your desk or you are traveling.

Cloud storage does not bound you by place or medium. Just by having an active internet connection, you can access your files stored on the server.

Benefit #3 – Get it at a significantly cheaper cost

When you have cloud storage in place, the add-on expenses like software licenses are already covered in the monthly subscription. Additionally, if you are running your business and have to invest in building an onsite infrastructure, then in such cases, having cloud storage is beneficial.

Instead of investing in onsite infrastructure & paying money to a dedicated resource managing the whole infrastructure, outsourcing is better as you can still transfer big files.

Benefit #4 – Highly Scalable

If you are using cloud storage, you are only paying for the data storage space you are utilizing. In case you need additional space, you have to vary the amount you pay. In contrast, if you have storage infrastructure onsite, it consumes many resources, including man-hours, to expand the storage capacity.

Suppose your business needs a little less storage in the future, then you can reduce the space requirement and pay accordingly, or even use the free online file storage plan.

Thus, cloud storage fits your business needs & requirements.

Benefit #5 – Security of your files

Cloud storage platforms offer much better security compared to your local device storage. The most secure cloud storage platforms provide login credentials to access your data. Once you store your data inside cloud storage, data is sent over the internet using encryption technology. The system ensures the highest level of security.


Are you using cloud storage to share large files online yet?

If not, you must know that cloud storage is truly hitting the mainstream, and many organizations are investing in it. Several cloud storage services are providing free cloud storage space for starters.

If you are not convinced yet, you can try the free version of the cloud storage services today.