What is Digital Asset Management?


Yes, we understand! We were confused too when we heard this term for the first time. Read through this, you will get all that you need to know about Digital Asset Management.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a business process to organize, store, and retrieve essential assets like images, music, videos, presentations, and much more, whenever you required. We term assets as rich media.

I general terms, DAM is a creation of an archive where we store our rich media. It helps you manage your digital assets, and it provides you a search functionality to identify, locate, and retrieve your critical assets.

We also consider the DAM as database records. Each of these records contains metadata explaining the type of file, the file’s content, and its name. Metadata makes your search easier.

There are several advantages  of using a Digital Asset Management platform for your business. In simple terms, it allows you to access your digital assets at any time, anywhere, and without any additional assistance.

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