What to consider while selecting a Digital Asset Management platform?

All Digital Asset Management platforms come with several benefits. But it is not just the advantages we must consider while making an important decision of selecting a Digital Asset Management platform. We must also consider the differentiating factors between each of them.

Well, we are not someone to judge others. But we can list down the factors that differentiate us from others. These factors can become a turning point for you to select DigiBoxx, an Indian Digital Asset Management platform.

Factors you must consider while selecting DigiBoxx as your Digital Asset Management platform

  • It is an Indian Asset Management platform.

    For so many years, we have relied on foreign-based asset management platforms to store all our important assets. With DigiBoxx, we are trying to promote the ‘Make in India,’ India’s government initiative.

  • Data Storage & Security

    We have created our storage with the topmost security adhering to all the data security laws framed by India’s government. There are no threats to your data/information stored inside our servers.

  • You can access our platform from any modern-day browsers.

    We have made our platform accessible from any modern-day browsers. You will find it easier to access all your assets with the best user experience.

  • We have mobile applications to access your assets.

    You can access your assets not only from a browser but you can access them by downloading DigiBoxx app from the play store/AppStore. We would like to term as,

    “All your assets at your fingertips!”

  • User permission management

    We all are aware of the threats to our assets. With a 100% secured platform, DigiBoxx also ensures that you have all the rights to access only the users who need them. No one else will be able to access your assets.

  • We improve your brand value.

    DigiBoxx becomes a central repository for all your brand-specific documents. If you wish to create a scenario where all your team members use the same documents whenever required, without avoiding the situation of creating duplicate documents, you must signup on DigiBoxx. This is extremely important while building your brand value.

    Rest, you might find several other factors that may be similar to other Digital Asset Management platforms available today.

Bottom Line

Switch to DigiBoxx today, and start saving all your assets. Be a supporter of ‘Vocal for Local’ initiated by India’s Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.