Which is the best app for sharing files online?

Since the inception of mobile devices, we have been dependent on these devices for running various day-to-day tasks for the past decade. Whether you want to drop a message to your colleague/family member/friend, or you want to share files online, mobile devices have been so far accurate. This handling of tasks using mobile devices has been possible, especially after the Android/iOS operating system launch.

For each activity, we have thousands of options available today, in the case of mobile apps. Selecting the most appropriate one to complete our activity is, at times, confusing.

You might have fallen into the same confusion while selecting the best file-sharing app online for your mobile device. But we have made it easy for you while choosing an app to send files online.

An app that simplifies your task of sharing large files in India is none other than DigiBoxx. With DigiBoxx, your mission of file-sharing has now become easy. We know that you might feel we are trying to praise our app. But, we have reasons to do so.

Let us now look at the reasons why DigiBoxx is the best app for sharing files online.

DigiBoxx – The best app for sharing files online

  • File-sharing at your fingertips

    With Android/iOS apps available handy, file-sharing has now become easy and at your fingertips. Additionally, with a web app available at your service, you can use the same functionality using a web app too.

  • Share files online with InstaShare

    Suppose you want to share files but are not interested in creating an account on DigiBoxx, then InstaShare is the best solution. Earlier, before the Chinese apps were banned in India, we used to prefer WeTransfer.

    With DigiBoxx as the best Indian File-Sharing App alternative and InstaShare as an add-on, you can share files online without any ado.

  • Secure File Transfer

    Many of us have gone critical when saving and sharing files online, especially after realizing the data breach activities of Chinese apps. But with DigiBoxx, your files and digital assets are secured. We don’t have any access to your files. Hence, there are no chances of data breaches.

These are the reasons why we are so sure that DigiBoxx is the best Indian File-Sharing app to share files online. However, you can try and test it on your side to be fully satisfied. Happy DigiBoxxing!