Which is the best online file storage free service?

We all have started using smartphones. These devices have higher resolution camera, and as a result, we end up clicking pictures and recording videos which are large in size. In the last couple of years, we are documenting more of such files than in previous years in history.

After clicking these huge size pictures and videos, there is always a situation where you lag the phone memory to click or record more. We have seen a lot of individuals transferring these files to personal computers. But, it is not solving your problem of lack of space shortage. That’s where cloud storage platforms step in.

Previously, we have discussed one of the features of DigiBoxx, i.e., its capacity to transfer files for free from one device to another. Let us now discuss the second most crucial feature of DigiBoxx, i.e., free online file storage (up to some limit).

The best place to store your digital assets in the cloud storage for free

When we shoot a picture or a video, it takes the form of data in our device. As said previously, in many cases, we have seen people accumulating this data and facing a situation where they run out of memory. They either choose additional storage like Pendrive, Hard Drive, etc.

We don’t want to invest our time listing the problems a user may face while having physical drives and data stored inside it. Instead, we would like to focus on the cloud storage system where your data is hosted on different servers. And how this becomes one of the best storage systems instead of wasting your money in purchasing additional drives.

Why cloud storage and not physical drives?

The answer is straightforward. Without more complicating it, we would list the pointers that ensure cloud storage is the best method of storing your data.

  • There are negligible chances that you will lose your important data or digital assets from cloud storage. This is possible while storing your data in physical storage.
  • You will have to take care of your physical drives and their damage. At the same time, digital cloud storage is damage-free. You are not bound to take care of your storage space on the servers. Service providers take care of it.

These couple of solid points prove that cloud storage is more efficient than having physical drives.

DigiBoxx – The best online file storage free service

Since the inception, DigiBoxx has tried to become a platform that solves the general queries of users related to storage and transfer. We already know that DigiBoxx is the best file transfer app of this generation.

Now let us know how DigiBoxx becomes the best online file storage service for free. To understand it, we need to run through some of the features of DigiBoxx that differentiate it from other free services available in the market.

Differentiating factors that prove DigiBoxx is the best file storage service

  • Data is stored on the servers located in IndiaWhen you store your data on Google Drive or any other cloud storage, you are not sure where data is stored. With DigiBoxx, you can remain confident that your information is stored on the servers located in India.
  • Data stored on the DigiBoxx server is 100% securedDigiBoxx ensures 100% security to your stored data. Once uploaded on DigiBoxx, you can be least bothered about the security of your data, as DigiBoxx is there to protect your data.
  • Free space up to 20 GBDigiBoxx provides a free version wherein you can grab up to 20 GB of free storage. Compared to other cloud storage in the market, where Google provides 16 GB of free storage, Microsoft provides 5 GB of free storage, DigiBoxx is ready to give additional free storage.

These three factors differentiate DigiBoxx from other cloud storage platforms. Thus, we can say that it is the best free online file storage service of the present generation.

If you are still left to sign-up on DigiBoxx, go ahead and create your account today. If you are an Android user, you can download the file transfer app today. DigiBoxx is now available for IOS users too.

Post using the app; we will appreciate it if you can share your feedback regarding the app. It will help us to improve the user experience as we move forward.