DigiBoxx – A Secured Digital Asset Management Platform

For as long as we can remember, people have one threat in their mind while they start using any new mobile or web application. The concern is always regarding the security of their critical assets. Though losing & misplacing the assets is a concern, the data breach is still a major concern.

Several scams concerning the breach of data security in the past, especially a lot of them have been disclosed during the pandemic. We agree that your concern is valid. And we understand that it is essential to provide a platform that is secured.

DigiBoxx, a Digital Asset Management platform, is built to develop a Digital File Storage Service & Sharing Platform with topmost security. Once you upload your sensitive assets on DigiBoxx, forget about the security concerns. Your assets are secured on DigiBoxx & will be governed by the Indian Law – the provisions of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill. The bill is primarily aimed at protecting the data.

Team Digiboxx ensures that the assets (images, videos, music files, presentations, etc.) you upload remain safe and secured, without any security breach. If you still have any security concerns, you can reach us anytime.