Here is why DigiBoxx is the best file transfer app?

File-sharing has always been a critical task for all mobile device users. As far as we remember, users never had a single best way to share files from one device to another. With the introduction of DigiBoxx in December 2020, this problem of users sharing files between the devices is solved.

Sure, Bluetooth was an option for sharing files in earlier years. But it was suitable for mobile users to use Bluetooth when file sizes were small.

Considering the current scenario, when we have easy access to the internet and wifi, using DigiBoxx for sharing files becomes an excellent option for us. You might wonder why we consider DigiBoxx as the best file transfer app of the present generation?

Forget about the obvious; we feel that DigiBoxx is the best file transfer app because of the additional features with the app to our users. Here is the list of features that differentiates us from the competitors in the market.

Features that differentiate us from others in the market

  • No need of creating an account on DigiBoxx if you want to share files up to 2 GBIf you wish to transfer files up to 2 GB for free, you can opt for InstaShare, a functionality provided by DigiBoxx. Using InstaShare, you can quickly transfer files to your recipient just by knowing their email address.
  • Get storage space of 20 GB for freeWith the free version of DigiBoxx, you are guaranteed 20 GB of free storage. You can upload your critical digital assets, manage them, and share them with your contacts.
  • All your files are stored on servers located inside IndiaWhen you store your essential files on DigiBoxx, all the files are stored on the servers located in India. Hence, DigiBoxx is considered the first Indian Cloud Storage platform to manage all your digital assets.
  • Your data is 100% secured with DigiBoxxUnlike Chinese apps banned by the Indian government, your data remains 100% secured with DigiBoxx. Files your store inside your free storage are SSL encrypted.

These features of DigiBoxx stand out to make it the best file transfer app in the present market. DigiBoxx is now available for IOS users. Download it today to feel the best experience of sharing your essential digital assets with your friends and family.