Enhanced user experience – DigiBoxx’s new WebApp release

DigiBoxx, an Indian Cloud Storage and File-Sharing platform released in December 2020, unveiled its new version of WebApp.

Over a while, we received a lot of user comments and requests regarding the file transfer app and its usability. Our technical team has spanned through the reviews and made a list of enhancements to be implemented to augment the user experience.

With version v2.0.2.2 we bring the following significant changes in our file-sharing app to make the user journey stand out amongst the competition. Believe us; this is not just the end of enhancing and enriching our experience with DigiBoxx. Rather, it is our initial step in our endeavour to deliver the best experience to our users.

New features in v2.0.2.2

  • Quick Load of files & folders in MyBoxxOnce you log in to your DigiBoxx account, you are navigated to MyBoxx. Our wish was to provide a feature that will quickly load the files & folders saved in MyBoxx, no matter how many files you might have uploaded in the cloud storage. Thus, we are introducing the infinite scroll feature in MyBoxx, allowing users to access and view their files/folders quickly.
  • File upload meterfile upload status

    Lately, we have been receiving queries from our users to display the upload status. With the new release, our users will get to monitor the upload progress percentage of all the files being uploaded on the Upload Meter as numerical values.

  • Concurrent dual device login In this release of DigiBoxx, a user can open his/her Digiboxx account on the web as well as his/her mobile app simultaneously. Users can access the cloud drive from both platforms at the same time.
  • Simpler signup processfaster registration on DigiBoxx

    We now have a shorter registration form. The new registration form will just ask for information like Digispace Name, Full Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address, thus making the registration process quicker, easier & hassle-free.

  • Multiple presences in the application Users can now own an individual account and also become a member of an SMB account with this version of DigiBoxx.
  • Email Addresses with Hyphens DigiBoxx now allows email addresses containing hyphens (-). This means users with a hyphen (-) in their email addresses can now create their accounts using the same email on DigiBoxx. So do not worry if your email is like – [email protected] You can get a DigiBoxx account using the same email id.
  • OTP Lock Digiboxx has introduced an OTP lock feature for security purposes. This feature checks if a user enters the wrong OTP five times in a row and locks the account on the fifth wrong attempt. This is a step forward in securing your account and protect your account from unscrupulous and malicious users on the internet.
  • Mobile App Enhancement Another good news for you. We are enhancing our mobile apps too. Hence, our android and iOS apps will be temporarily unavailable as we are working on some of the key features. We regret the inconvenience. We will be back on 9th June 2021.

Along with these major changes, we also have loads of cool features. These include,

a. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for a mobile number change – This feature will allow you to decide whether you want to enable additional security to your account. You decide whether you want to turn it on or not. When 2FA is enabled, Digiboxx will send an OTP to a user on login as a 2nd level authentication. When the user enters the OTP, he gets access to his account. If you wish to change your mobile number, in order to keep your account secured, we have enabled a two-factor authentication process.

This is an optional feature and is available in the user profile section of the application.

b. File Assign from Kebab icon – The kebab icon (the 3 dots on the top right of any file or folder thumbnail) allows users assign their files to various users directly from the thumbnail. Users do not have to open the file or folder for this operation.

file assign from kebab
file assign kebab options

With the new release, we are trying to optimize your user experience of storing, sharing, and managing your digital assets on DigiBoxx. We strive for the best, and we will continue doing so.

We would love to get feedback/reviews regarding the latest version. Please feel free to contact our customer support team. If you are still facing any difficulty, our team is always ready to look into your problems and solve them.

If you are yet to create your account on DigiBoxx, try signing up using our new WebApp now. Start sharing files, storing your digital assets, and managing them today, only with DigiBoxx.

Happy DigiBoxxing!