Which is the file-sharing application in iOS?

We all remember that recently the Government of India listed a few apps using our data. The government had to ban those apps since there were privacy-related issues and data breaches. Some of the top used apps were TikTok, Shareit, and UC Browser.

It is essential to secure your files like images, videos, documents, presentations, and other vital information present on your smartphone. If the app is declared as malicious, it can transfer your data to the company server quickly. Additionally, it can also use your personal information for the company’s benefit without your permission. Remember, you allowed all these banned apps to access your files and folders present on your smartphone.

We generally used Shareit for transferring files across devices. It did ask us to provide access to all the files and folders during the setup, obviously for the sharing process. But, we can’t be very sure that it just used it for the sharing purpose.

Using a reliable file transfer app is extremely important to maintain data integrity. It is common for us to use our private files and folders on our smartphones, but allowing malicious apps to utilize it makes data vulnerable.

Owing to such a situation, many Indian companies decided to create an online file transfer app. Amongst all the competitors, DigiBoxx became the first-ever Indian Cloud Storage and file sharing app to manage all your digital assets. Additionally, it provided 100% security to all your digital assets being saved, shared, and modified on the cloud drive. Let us discuss some of the crucial aspects of DigiBoxx, the thought process behind the inception of the file sharing application, and its features in detail.

DigiBoxx – Indian Cloud Storage Solution

DigiBoxx was launched in 2020, supporting the initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat. It aimed to be a digital asset management platform for individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries. It not only solved the problem of transferring big files, but it also gave its users a cloud storage to store and manage their digital assets effectively.

DigiBoxx is available for android as well as iOS users. It is backed by the latest technology, security, and backend support that gives its users an effective way to share files like videos, photos, documents, and other important information in just a few clicks. Several other add-ons create a unique position for DigiBoxx web and mobile applications in the field of digital asset management.

Advantages of using DigiBoxx applications

Advantages of using DigiBoxx Application

  • No compromise in the security of your digital assetsWe believe that the data that you store on our Indian servers is solely yours. We don’t have any rights to access them. Thus, we have devised a security system that protects your digital assets from external and internal security threats.
  • Easy to use application The user interface presently available on the mobile & web application is simple and manageable. Any user using the cloud storage application for the first time will easily understand the interface and can effectively use the application.
  • Add/Delete a feature based on your requirement.Along with the fixed payment plans, DigiBoxx provides a customized plan for individuals and organizations. You can flexibly tailor all the features depending on your requirements.
  • A fast file sharing toolUsing DigiBoxx app, you can share your critical digital assets in minutes. If you are a new user and don’t want to create an account on DigiBoxx, you can quickly transfer files up to 2 GB using InstaShare.

Unlike other online file storage and sharing applications, we promise that all your digital assets (images, videos, documents, presentations, and much more) are stored on the servers present in India. Thus, we can proudly say that we are the first Indian Cloud Storage solution alongside an Indian File Transfer app.

Our team believes that DigiBoxx is for everyone and is for every need. So, what are you waiting for? Download the file transfer app for iOS now. Do not forget to share your review with us on App Store.