How much do I need to pay for a DigiBoxx account?

Pandemic has created many financial questions for all of us. We have seen several companies shutting their doors, unfortunately.

It becomes essential for us to frame a pricing structure for our file transfer app considering all the financial concerns in such a scenario. And hopefully, the pricing structure brings a piece of good news for all of you.

We have devised two major categories

  • Monthly
  • Yearly

You can select the cloud drive plan depending on your requirements. We have four plans in the monthly category.

DigiBoxx Monthly Plan

And four plans in the yearly category.

Digiboxx Yearly Plans

If you are running an organization and need a plan which is not included in any of the above categories, we have a customized Digital Asset Management solution for all your file storage and transfer needs. Do not forget to connect with our pre-sales team for the same.