Online file transfer app – stay secured with DigiBoxx

Almost every one of us is used to sharing files online. Before the Government of India banned Chinese apps in 2020, we were used to applications like ShareIT, WeTransfer, etc. But as well know that these apps were using our information in an illegal way for their benefit. As a result, several of us are worried about our file security and safety while using any online file transfer app.

However, with DigiBoxx, you need to ensure that all your information saved inside the cloud storage is safe concerning the data breach. Additionally, all the information protected is only accessible to you unless you give access to any other users. You are the authorized person to provide and revoke access from any user.

Indeed, there might be many questions regarding the security of your information saved in cloud storage. To make it easy, we have tried to answer some of your queries here. However, if you have any other questions, you can surely connect with our customer care representatives.

Frequently asked questions regarding the online file transfer app’s security

  • Is DigiBoxx accessible outside India?

    At the moment, DigiBoxx is catering Indian audience. But, we are planning to go Global soon.

  • Is it possible to restrict DigiBoxx to be used in a constant IP?

    It will not be required as DigiBoxx follows robust security protocols and follows standard cloud security.

  • Is there any requirement to add a firewall over DigiBoxx?

    DigiBoxx is already Firewall & SSL enabled. As a result, there is no need to use an additional firewall.

  • What are the security protocols used by DigiBoxx?

    • First and foremost, the privacy of the user is our topmost priority. Hence, the privacy protection service is the default service provided by DigiBoxx for free.
    • Secondly, the data you store inside our Indian cloud storage is secured as DigiBoxx follows the Indian law – the provisions of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill, which is specifically aimed at protecting the data. So all your data stored is secured inside DigiBoxx.
  • Can DigiBoxx work with other servers officially?

    DigiBoxx is currently working on a dedicated secured server. Hence, we do not intend to work on any other client’s server for security reasons.

  • What are the terms & conditions and privacy policies of DigiBoxx?

    If you wish to have a better idea, we request you to visit,

    Terms & Conditions –

    Privacy Policy –

Concluding It

We hope that most of your queries regarding the security of your information, files, and digital assets while using an online file transfer app are answered here.