How to copy files from DigiBoxx™ to our Computer?

How to copy files from Digiboxx to our Computer

We are in the 21st century. If you want more user retention, you need to provide the best user experience to your users, whether you build a web or mobile application. All the business people will surely agree with us.

One of the aspects of user experience is how comfortable your application functionalities are. In simple terms, how many steps it takes to use the functionality of your application completely.

Coming to the question of how you can copy files from Digiboxx™ to your computer, we shall say that it just takes a step to complete your task.

  • Firstly, login into your Digiboxx account. You will see a dashboard with all the files and folders you created/stored in the Digispace.
  • Click on the button next to your asset. You will get an option to download the original file. Click on it. And DONE!

Copying Files from DigiBoxx to Computer

CONGRATULATIONS, your file will be downloaded/copied to your computer. You can start using it as usual.

If you face any issue while downloading your assets, you can reach out to us for assistance.