Right people see the right assets with DigiBoxx

As a brand owner, you are always worried about your critical digital assets’ security. You try to find ways of how to keep your assets secured from any unauthorized access. The advent of the internet brought new growth opportunities, along with its side effects. As an owner of any brand, you need to utilize these opportunities in a way where side effects do not affect your brand. If you wish to ensure that your brand assets are safe & secure from any unauthorized access, DigiBoxx, a file sharing and cloud storage service, is created.

DigiBoxx was released in December 2020 to create a platform for brands, organizations, and individuals to save their critical digital assets. While protecting your assets, as a brand owner, you are always thoughtful regarding its security. But with DigiBoxx, you need to be least bothered about the security of your assets, as it provides 100% security.

To prove our point, find the significant measures DigiBoxx has taken to keep your critical brand assets secure and safe from any unauthorized access.

Significant measures by DigiBoxx to secure your brand assets

  • No one has access to your assets unless you give them

    DigiBoxx provides a file-sharing feature where DigiBoxx users can give access to their assets to DigiBoxx and Non-DigiBoxx users in just a few clicks. Using this feature of DigiBoxx, you authorize a user to access your critical brand assets.

  • Revoke the access to brand assets if needed

    There are several instances where either a user has left the organization, or a user must not have access to critical assets anymore, then DigiBoxx provides you a handy feature of revoking the access. Using this feature, you can easily revoke the access, and the user will no longer be able to access the documents.

These couple of features ensure that only authorized users get access to critical brand assets. Additionally, DigiBoxx provides one more feature which distinguishes a user from the owner of the assets.

An additional feature to distinguish the normal user from the owner

DigiBoxx provides a feature where you can assign an admin who defines which user must access the asset and which user must not. Admins have the same ability to access the assets and give access to assets, just like you as a brand owner.

Using this feature, you make sure that except admin, no one else can give access to your assets to DigiBoxx and Non-DigiBoxx users.

Concluding It

The features we mentioned above prove that only the Right People will access the Right Assets stored in your cloud storage. Now you can stay relaxed from any unauthorized access to your brand assets.

Happy DigiBoxxing!