How to send 20 GB files for free?

send 20 GB files for free

A decade ago, when we thought about sending a file to any of our contacts, the best option for a file sharing tool was to use BlueTooth. The files that we used to share were in MB’s. But we never thought of sending files as big as 20 GB, right? Let’s have a look how we can send 20 GB files for free.

Being able to send large files for free is one of the benefits of modern technology. Using this technology, we can transfer big files from one device to another. But, when it comes to sending files 20 GB big, the complexity increases.

But with DigiBoxx, we can solve the complexity and decode the best way of sharing files as big as 20 GB with your peers. If you wish to do such a massive file transfer, you have landed on the right page. Read it till the end.

Earlier, like 2-3 years ago, when google drive was the most popular cloud drive system to upload and share files, people were used to compressing a file. But gone are the days when you had to squeeze a file to save the storage space on your device or google drive.

With the inception of DigiBoxx, also called as Indian Cloud Storage platform, the concerns like file storage, managing large file transfers, and sharing a file are no more. DigiBoxx is an Indian Digital Asset Management platform that helps you manage your digital assets’ whole life cycle.

Talking about our concern of sending files as big as 20 GB, DigiBoxx provides a free plan wherein you can use 20 GB of storage. Additionally, you can integrate your account with the GMAIL account; you can collaborate with other users in real-time, and much more. More importantly, you can store files up to 20 GB and share them with your peers. Remember, these all services are for free.

If you wish to transfer big files up to 20 GB, you can follow the guidelines we mentioned here.

Guidelines to send 20 GB files for free

Using the above steps, you can easily transfer files to your peers for free, even if the total size of your files is 20 GB.

A decade back, would you have ever thought of sending files this big? But, with DigiBoxx you can send big files for free. Additionally, all the files that are stored, managed, and shared are 100% secured. The users to whom you give access to your files will be able to access them.

You never know when you will require online cloud storage services in the future. So we recommend you create an account on DigiBoxx and start saving & securing your critical digital assets.