Secure files using an approval system with DigiBoxx

“Allow access to files & folders!”

Almost all of us have allowed access to our files & folders when asked while using any application. Allowing the access can lead to unwanted, unauthorized usage of your data. It means the application developers can use your data whenever and however they want unless they follow guidelines mentioned by the concerned government. However, DigiBoxx secure files, reducing your concerns.

We all remember an incident when several Chinese apps were banned in India due to our data’s unauthorized usage. Hence, there was a compromise with the security of our data.

DigiBoxx, an Indian Cloud Storage and File Sharing App, was developed to keep users’ data secured. DigiBoxx promises that all the data you store on it is stored on the servers located inside India. Additionally, DigiBoxx confirms that all the data stored on the servers are 100% secured, and no unauthorized access is allowed.

DigiBoxx also provides a feature that differentiates it from other competitors in the market to avoid any unauthorized access.

A significant feature of DigiBoxx to secure files

Approval System for allowing authorized access to your files

Suppose you have some files stored inside your cloud storage space given by DigiBoxx. If you wish to avoid unauthorized access to your files, you can assign 1 or 2 admins to handle your account.

When we say admin, it means they have the whole and sole control of your DigiBoxx account. Whenever any external users want to access your files, admins have all the rights to allow users to access the files.

We call this system the approval system where without the admin’s permission, no users, whether DigiBoxx or Non-DigiBoxx, will access your files.

This extraordinary feature of DigiBoxx ensures that no unauthorized user will have access to your files. Additionally, only you and the admins have the right to allow users asking for access to your files.

This feature is creating a WOW factor for our existing users and will continue doing so. We do have a lot more security features lined up to be deployed in the coming days. Stay tuned with us on our social media channels to know more.

Summing It Up

Whether a DigiBoxx or a Non-DigiBoxx user, no one can access your files without permission. Additionally, you can remain relaxed concerning the security of your files. Once you have uploaded your files, DigiBoxx will safeguard your files.