How do admins share files in an SMB account?

One of the aims of creating DigiBoxx was to provide a facility for sharing files with your friends and family. Over a period, we feel that we have been successful in helping our users to share files, either by using InstaShare or by creating an account on DigiBoxx.

Now, being an admin, if you are confused about sharing files while using an SMB account, we have tried to lessen your confusion by listing a few simple and unique steps of sharing files.

Steps to share files in an SMB account (subject to you are an admin)

  • First, sign in to your DigiBoxx account.
  • Click on the resources option.
  • You will then have to create a new folder by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.
  • Once you have created the folder, click on the folder and enter it.
  • Select the files/folders you want others in your team to access.
  • Upload the files.
  • Once you have uploaded, all the files and folders will be visible to your department’s team members.

You know, it is as easy as it looks. So, just follow our guidelines, and you will be able to share files with your team members.

When you face some issues while executing the steps, you can always contact our support team. Feel free to connect!