Customizable brand management platform – DigiBoxx

“Do you wish to download the file?”

You might have got these pop-ups several times while surfing on the internet. Thousands of files are getting downloaded on your personal computer. If you are particular about your documents and store them under folders and sub-folders, then it’s fine. But at times, it becomes difficult to manage your brand-specific files.

Problems that we face while and after saving your brand-specific files

  • You might group unwanted files with essential files in one place.
  • You might forget the folder location or file location on your personal computer.
  • There is a possibility that files are updated on your side, and your team has the old files with them.
  • Documents containing important information can go missing.

Similar to the problems we mentioned above, you might face several problems which are understood. These may lead you and your brand to several issues in the future. Like,

  1. You might get confused between unwanted and critical files.
  2. Folders or sub-folders, though saved in your PC, will go missing.
  3. Updated brand information is not passed on to others in the team.
  4. Important documents go unavailable and create the false identity of the brand.

As a brand owner, if you wish to overcome and avoid the problems mentioned above and futuristic issues, we recommend signing up on DigiBoxx today. You might wonder, why? Here are those significant reasons why you should sign up and save your brand identity.

Significant reasons why a brand should sign up on DigiBoxx

  • Firstly, all your brand-specific documents are stored at one location. Having a cloud storage system in place like DigiBoxx, you need not worry about the safety of your critical documents.
  • With DigiBoxx, you can save your files in folders and sub-folder. Thus, giving you the same feel as your personal computer.
  • DigiBoxx allows you to share all these brand-specific files with all your team members. Hence, all your team members can access the same documents as you, ensuring that the same brand message is passed on in all the communication.
  • Your documents never go missing. The main reason behind it is that you have separate storage available to store all your brand documents. Additionally, with meta tags and search functionality, you can find your documents easily & quickly.

These many reasons are enough for a brand to switch to DigiBoxx for its customized brand management platform.

Summing It Up

Whether you are stressed about losing your documents or it is becoming difficult to get your team on the same page concerning brand management, a platform like DigiBoxx will become beneficial & handy for you. DigiBoxx is now available for Android and iOS users to access all the brand documents using their smartphones.

Happy DigiBoxxing!