What’s coming soon in DigiBoxx? – A file transfer app

DigiBoxx, an Indian cloud storage platform, is created for everyone to solve their digital asset management problems with the help of a cloud drive. Whether you are a freelancer, an individual running your business, a medium-sized organization, or a large organization, DigiBoxx Cloud Storage is meant to serve all. Additionally, along with managing your digital assets, DigiBoxx is a file transfer app for all users who want to share files with their friends, family, and other sub-ordinates.

Our million+ users are always interested in knowing what add-ons we are bringing to DigiBoxx File Transfer App, alongside the standard functionalities provided by us. Hence, they usually ask us a few questions that we have tried to answer here.

What’s Upcoming on DigiBoxx?

  • Do we have a desktop client for DigiBoxx?

    Currently, we do not have a desktop client. However, our team is planning and working to develop a desktop client soon. Stay tuned for our periodic updates.

  • Do we have windows client software?

    We do not have the feature of windows client software for DigiBoxx currently. However, our team is working on enhancing your experience with this feature. Stay tuned for further updates.

  • Is there any sync/download/upload client for Windows or Linux?

    Currently, this feature is not a part of DigiBoxx Online Storage. However, you will find this feature in the further development of DigiBoxx. Stay connected with us.

DigiBoxx’s team is responsible and enthusiastic about developing these new storage app features in our upcoming releases. Though we are currently not promoting any of these features, our team is constantly updating the features to meet your expectations.


DigiBoxx is committed to bringing as many features as possible to get your tasks simplified, alongside being a file transfer app. We request you to stay tuned with us to get further updates regarding our releases. If you have any other queries, you can indeed connect with our customer care representative.