I am a startup. Do I need DigiBoxx?

Digiboxx, a Digital Asset Management platform, is created for single users, multiple users, companies, etc. The usage of it depends on your requirements.

Are you carrying a lot of assets that are critical to you or your organization? Are these assets stored in a distributed system manner, like a few on your laptop, a few on storage devices, and a few on shared drives? Is it becoming tough for you to retrieve all these assets when you need them?

If your answer to all these questions is ‘YES’, then Digiboxx is the right solution for all your queries.

  • First of all, it stores all your essential assets (images, music files, video files, documents, presentations, etc.) in seconds. The assets remain in the archive format for you to retrieve at any time, anywhere.
  • Secondly, you don’t have to worry about multiple storage systems. All your important files will be stored in a central repository, i.e., Digiboxx. All you have to do is to give access to the central repository to all your team members. This will lead to brand consistency, where all your team members are using the same content files whenever required.
  • Lastly, just forget about the case of losing/misplacing all the critical assets. With a search functionality provided by Digiboxx, you can retrieve any of your assets at any time.

Whether you are a startup, mid-sized company, or an individual running a freelance business, Digiboxx is essential for all your asset management tasks. If you find our explanation convincing, then do not forget to signup on Digiboxx today.