Cross-functional and external file sharing with DigiBoxx

Organizations and individual freelancers depend on tools to get their business functioning smoother. At the same time, they choose a single tool to perform multiple activities instead of selecting various tools. Do you agree with us till this point? If yes, then let’s read ahead.

If we consider the present situation, the primary organizational ask is to have a tool that keeps every team member on the same page. It means that organizations search for a tool that can get their team members to access the same information and remain on the same page. Are you someone looking for a similar kind of tool? If yes, then it will be fascinating for you to read this blog till the end.

The tool that suffices the ask and fulfills additional requirements of the organization is DigiBoxx. DigiBoxx, commonly known as an Indian Cloud Storage and File Sharing App, can keep your team intact and consistent concerning administrative information access. You might be wondering how? Here is the answer to your question.

Significant reasons why DigiBoxx is a perfect tool to keep organizational information intact and consistent across teams.

  • DigiBoxx is a Cloud Storage application developed in December 2020, intending to help organizations and individual freelancers store their critical digital assets with 100% safety. This is an add-on for all the organizations, where they have the liberty of storing their information, alongside the other primary advantages.
  • DigiBoxx provides the functionality of adding team members to an SMB account, where multiple team members can access the data stored. Thus ensuring the team remains on the same page.
  • DigiBoxx provides an excellent functionality wherein you can share your files with external users. It means file sharing with external users will become easier without worrying about whether they are using DigiBoxx or not.
  • InstaShare, a separate functionality built inside DigiBoxx, helps non-DigiBoxx users share files with non-DigiBoxx and DigiBoxx users. (Please Note – DigiBoxx users can use the same functionality.)

As an organization, if you can store files, share files, and manage your files without worrying about your assets’ security, what else would you ask for? DigiBoxx is the first-ever Indian Cloud Storage and File Sharing Application that provides the features of storing and sharing your files in a single application. Even if you are an individual freelancer, DigiBoxx will always be a handy tool to save your files and secure them. Try DigiBoxxing today!