How to share files with a Non-DigiBoxx user?

Suppose someone had such a question 2-3 years ago. In that case, we might have been unsure whether it is possible or not. We are uncertain whether the most common cloud storage during those years, like Google Drive, had such a facility of sharing files with external users.

With the introduction of DigiBoxx, sharing files with external users has become easy. DigiBoxx is an Indian Cloud Storage platform created especially to maintain the whole lifecycle of your digital assets. Using DigiBoxx, you can store, share, and manage your files without any risk of losing them.

Coming to the point, if you wish to share files with a non-DigiBoxx user, you can follow the steps we have mentioned here.

Steps to share files with Non-DigiBoxx users

  • Login to your DigiBoxx account.
  • Click on the folder where you have saved your file.
  • Click on the file you want to share.
  • Out of the four tabs you find at the top, click on Embed.
  • You will get two options, namely ‘Private’ & ‘Public’. Click on ‘Public’.
  • A URL will be generated once you click on ‘Public’.
  • Please copy the link and share it with the external user you want to share it with.

Unlike other cloud storage services, DigiBoxx aims to provide the best user experience reducing the number of steps to perform any action on your stored digital assets.

You can run through the practical demonstration of how to share files with non-DigiBoxx users to get a better understanding of the steps we listed here.