Keep your Digital Assets Safe with DigiBoxx

We are living in a digital age. All of us are habituated to using the web and mobile applications for all the tasks we perform in our day-to-day lives. Digital products have made our life easy in many ways. Like,

  • We can now connect with any of our knowns/ unknowns from any part of the world.
  • We can share our knowledge with millions of users on the internet in web content/blogs.
  • We tend to find/learn new things on Google. The first thought that comes to our mind when we try to learn something new is ‘Google It!’

There are so many other advantages of digital products. But every product comes with its own added criticalities. And we need to make sure that we have an answer to it.

By criticalities, we meant that all these digital products are susceptible to get attacked by hackers. As a SaaS product, even Digiboxx is prone to digital attacks. Hackers and malicious individuals who want to use the data/information present on Digiboxx, are always in search of an opportunity to attack.

Digiboxx, an Indian Digital Asset Management platform, comes with digital age security. We understand the importance of your assets, and accordingly, we have taken several measures to keep your Digital Assets safe from any unwanted and unauthorized attacks.

We have developed the platform with a few vital security measures mentioned below to secure your digital assets.

Measures that are taken to keep your assets 100% secured

  • We have created a protected approval system

    If you wish to start using Digiboxx, you will first have to sign up. After Signing up, you will find a Digispace created for you/your team. Make sure that you hold the administrator access. Also, don’t give admin access to more than one user.

    This will ensure that you first monitor any asset uploaded in your space before it goes to the external world. Also, you have all the powers of giving access to others.

    Others can only access the assets once you approve them to access. Else, the assets remain secured for your usage only.

  • Add watermarks to your assets

    While uploading any asset on your Digispace, if you feel that it is a confidential asset, you can watermark it. Else, you can choose from the several permission options to safeguard your file from unauthorized access.

  • Notification if there is any changes & updates made to the existing files

    If you have created your Digiboxx account and saved your assets inside your Digispace, and if there are any changes made on it by authorized users, you will be notified about the changes/updates. It ensures that you are aware of all the updates made to your assets.

Digiboxx is developed to create a 100% secured Digital Asset Management platform, and with the security measures mentioned above, we are assuring it. Also, we want to make Digital Asset Management go vocal for local. We have built a robust technology that is world-class and gives you an Indian flavor. We are trying to promote Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, started by our Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Summing Up

Don’t worry about the security of your assets once you sign up on Digiboxx. We will never compromise with the security of your assets. Yes, we do suggest to keep your credentials safe with you.

You can now access Digiboxx on your mobile devices too. You can download our mobile application today and start saving & securing your assets for a better future.