How to securely transfer big files over the internet?

Businesses that deal with larger files like videos and CAD models need a file-sharing solution to transfer these files to their colleagues present in other cities, states, countries, or continents. In such cases, whether the service they are using is secured or not is something they need to know. They must select a file transfer solution that keeps their files secured from any malicious attack.

Why is there a need to find a secured file transfer solution?

Unless you live under the rock, transferring files over the internet is a usual process performed by every business. Businesses think about finding a solution to share their files fast. Additionally, they also think about a solution that transfers their files securely. But why?

These files may contain critical data, personal information, sensitive information, or any such information specific to their business. Internet is full of malicious entities. There is a possibility that these entities may have an interest in looking at your sensitive information.

In such a situation, businesses need to select a file transfer solution that transfers these files without any malicious attack. Thus, businesses’ primary concern is finding a file transfer service that transfers files securely.

The secondary concerns while selecting an online file transfer app?

The secondary concerns while selecting an online file transfer app

Businesses need to get answers to the following questions after they are sure about their files’ security while selecting an online file transfer app.

  1. What is the file size limit while transferring the files?

    Of course, every business has different files of different sizes. While sharing these big files, does the application limit them to a fixed size? For example, GMAIL limits a user to transfer files up to 25 MB.

    If the app allows users to transfer files without any size limits, it adds a tick on the positive note of selecting the online file transfer app.

  2. What is the storage capacity available to the businesses in the free plan?

    Though businesses need solutions with higher storage capacity, it is essential to know what capacity a transfer app is providing with the free version. For example, GMAIL users get a google drive with a capacity of 16 GB.

    Though it is not something that will change the opinion of well-established businesses, it does create a beneficial impact in the minds of startups and freelancers.

  3. Is the customer support team available to solve the queries on time?

    The customer support team is as vital as the application is. It adds to the reputation of the transfer solution.

    Though businesses don’t think about errors that might arrive, they think about whether the customer support team is available during critical situations.

  4. What are the additional advantages businesses will get after selecting a file transfer solution?

    Providing add-ons along with the required essential features is very important for all app developers. Having additional features adds to the user experience. Additionally, it creates a different impact on business users’ minds and helps them conclude faster.

How DigiBoxx qualifies as the best file transfer solution to transfer big files?

DigiBoxx, an Indian Cloud Storage platform built to solve all the digital asset management queries of businesses, qualifies for the best file transfer solution in the present scenario. (Based on the primary and secondary concerns we listed above)

What makes DigiBoxx a powerful file transfer solution?

  1. DigiBoxx takes additional measures to keep your files secured while transferring them to your colleagues.
  2. There is no file size limit while transferring your files saved on DigiBoxx. Except if you are using InstaShare, where you are allowed to free transfer of files up to 2 GB.
  3. You are allowed to store files up to 20 GB with the free version of DigiBoxx. You can check the pricing and plans of DigiBoxx to get a better idea.
  4. The customer support team of DigiBoxx is always available to solve your concerns.
  5. Last but not least, it provides features like InstaShare (already mentioned above), where you can share files without creating an account on DigiBoxx. Additionally, there is a facility for creating Smart Tags to search files.

Summing Up

Considering the requirements of a business while selecting a file-sharing app and the solution provided by DigiBoxx, we can say that DigiBoxx is the best fit for an online file transfer application. No wonder if DigiBoxx will add some other useful features in the coming years.