Organizing digital assets became easy with DigiBoxx

We all have at least once come across a situation where we asked ourselves,

“Where would I have kept a file?”

Isn’t it?

As we are moving into the digital age, we are becoming more dependent on digital capabilities. It is not wrong to do so. Anything that reduces human work and involvement will be more efficient and quick. Do you agree with this statement?

Coming to our point, we all have developed a habit of losing or misplacing our important assets. Losing critical assets will have a chance to create a harmful effect in our lives. Hence, we came up with the best solution to organize and save your assets from any possibility of losing.

The solution is DigiBoxx!

By Assets, we meant all the digital assets like images, videos, documents, presentations, etc., that define our present. These digital assets have become a close camaraderie of humans. It is crucial and critical for us to safeguard our assets and avoid losing the assets.

DigiBoxx is an Indian Cloud Storage and File Sharing application created to store your digital assets, manage them, and share them with your friends and family members. You might wonder how you can organize your assets using DigiBoxx? To answer the question, please go through the significance of DigiBoxx in managing digital assets.

Significance of DigiBoxx in Organizing your Digital Assets

  • Store your files in folders and sub-folders

    DigiBoxx is a file storage app designed to store files in a format similar to your desktop computer. You can create folders and sub-folders, like your desktop, and save your files inside it.

    Folders and sub-folders ensure an organized pattern of storing your files. It will lessen the burden of retrieving your files in the future. Additionally, it will help you to share files with other users easily.

  • Add Meta Tag while storing your files

    When you sit to upload your files, with every file, you can assign a tag that you can use in the future to find the files. These Meta Tags are the easiest way to search your files when you have forgotten the file name or folder name.

  • Search your files using Meta Tags

    On DigiBoxx, we call Meta Tags Smart Tags. Once you have stored your files with Smart Tags, it becomes easier for you to retrieve the files in the future. You just need to input the Smart Tag in the search option if you have forgotten your file or folder name. Isn’t this the easiest way of searching your files on DigiBoxx?

These significant points of DigiBoxx differentiate it from other cloud storage platforms in the current market. Additionally, it proves that DigiBoxx is the perfect solution to organize digital assets.

Summing Up

Now, no need to worry about losing your digital assets when DigiBoxx is here to safeguard. You can easily organize and store your digital assets, with Smart Tags assigned to retrieve the files in the future.

Happy DigiBoxxing!