Using DigiBoxx

DigiBoxx is the perfect file sharing tool that helps you take the drain out of your IT resources (if you’re an enterprise) or simply, help you keep an uncluttered desktop (as an individual/freelancer).

Apart from being the first Digital Asset Management platform to exist entirely on the Indian cloud, DigiBoxx also has a variety of features and products that make collaboration simple.

Major features
Easy search: Simply apply metadata smartly and you’re ready to make advanced searches in a flash. Find critical content, no matter how far back dated it may be, without breaking your head.

On-demand, real-time access: Access DigiBoxx from a mobile, tablet or laptop wherever you are. So you can update your files and folders even when you’re on the way to a meeting. Or you can send your friends and family those vacation pictures even before you touch down back home.

Made for individuals and enterprises: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a team of 1 or a team of 500, there’s DigiBoxx for everyone. We have plans made to suit every type of individual or team.

Completely secure and protected approvals: The power of Indian cloud security allows you to make your digital assets visible only to yourself and whoever you deem trustworthy – keep your critical assets close to your chest.

Save time with powerful tools: Bulk editing, duplicate version detection, tracking edits – these are just a few of the many powerful tools at your disposal.

Instant notifications: Set alerts for recently added files, updated assets and much more, so you can receive notifications on the device of your choice. Helps you keep track of time-sensitive assets.

Download files to your device instantly: This is a no-brainer – all you need to do is access the file/folder you want to download and just click on the download button – voila, it’s on your computer. Or mobile. Or tablet. The technology is robust, so the action is simple.

Our proprietary product – InstaShare
Don’t have time to create a DigiBoxx account just yet? Don’t fret, we have a solution for that too. Presenting InstaShare, a proprietary product powered by DigiBoxx that allows you to:

1) Send files up to 2GB for FREE
2) Keep files on the server for 45 days
3) Share files using just your email id and mobile number

What’s more, the entire experience of InstaShare is AD-FREE.