How is DigiBoxx helping isolated artists to create together?

India is a nation of art & artists. There are several forms of art popular in India. Additionally, all the forms of art are recognized by people in India.

Whether you are a singer, writer, or musician, you are affected by the pandemic that hit our nation last year. Hence, if you were traveling for your art, it has stopped. Also, it has become challenging for you to collaborate with your colleagues in your work sitting at home.

Let say suppose you are a lyrics writer who collaborated with a music company. A lot of background work is put in while creating a single song. Hence, collaborating & staying updated with the latest information is very important, being a lyrics writer.

In such a situation where the pandemic is creating an inability to reach the office, DigiBoxx comes handy. DigiBoxx is a file transfer app that provides features to resolve your issues, like being an artist working from home. You might wonder, how is DigiBoxx helping isolated artists to create together?

Let us take a look at the features that help artists to create together, sitting at home.

The extraordinary traits of DigiBoxx helping artists work together.

  • Work from anywhere, access your files any time

    As we all know, artists are used to traveling and relaxing themselves to create great art. Suppose you are traveling to a distant place and want to work on your lyrics writing assignments. In such a case, DigiBoxx helps you access your files any time, anywhere, without any concerns.

    Additionally, all the updates made to your files are accessible to all your team members at their fingertips, sitting at home.

  • Forget about losing any of your files

    This is a widespread problem faced by many people. DigiBoxx, being an Indian file transfer app, is also a cloud storage solution.

    Suppose you want some critical files specific to your artwork to stay safe and secured, then the cloud storage solution of DigiBoxx allows you to store files up to 20 GB storage for free.
    Also, you can share the files stored in the cloud storage with your team members. It will allow them to access the latest version of the files in one go.

  • Create and Share without an account on DigiBoxx

    Let say you have created some good song, and you don’t have an account on DigiBoxx. In such a case, if you wish to share the file with your colleagues, then DigiBoxx provides an option of the online file transfer.

    InstaShare, a facility that allows you to share files without creating an account on DigiBoxx, is an excellent way to develop and transfer your files to your team member.

You may want to consider several other features while opting for DigiBoxx, being an artist from India. You may run through all the features listed by us in such a case or experience the file transfer app solution with our free version.

Concluding it

Though we drafted this considering you being a lyrics writer (artist), it does not prove that DigiBoxx is not beneficial for other artists. As said, you may walk through our features to see DigiBoxx’s capability of catering to you as an artist from India.

You may also plan to connect with our customer representative if you find it challenging to use DigiBoxx.

Happy Creating Together!