Which is the best way of sharing files in 2021?

Sharing files has always been critical for all android users for years. What we remember over the period is that users never had a single best way of sharing files between android devices.

Though Bluetooth used to be one of the ways of sharing files, it happened to lose its importance as file size kept increasing. Bluetooth used to take several minutes to hours while sharing big files. Considering the current fast-paced environment, users need a file-sharing app that reduces the online file transfer time and increases work efficiency.

Not having a single best file sharing app for android users puts android devices in a significant loss in front of iPhone devices having apps like AirDrop. But, the wait is over. Finally, we can say that we have developed an app that android users can consider while sharing files in 2021.

DigiBoxx, an Indian file sharing app, is deployed to help android users to share files across without losing efficiency. DigiBoxx has ensured that even android users can share their files at high speeds, without any hassle. It has significantly helped DigiBoxx to reach the one million users mark in 6 months.

You might wonder how DigiBoxx has helped android users in 2021 (so far) that most of them have preferred DigiBoxx as their primary file-sharing app? If you wish to know the reason, read it till the end.

Features that significantly elevated the user base of DigiBoxx

  • Speedy File-Sharing

    Sharing files of any format like pictures, videos, documents, etc., has become easy and quick with DigiBoxx. You can share any of these format files with your friends, colleagues, and other sub-ordinates in a fraction of seconds using the feature of file-sharing or InstaShare (if you want to share files not bigger than 2 GB).

  • Cross-platform file-sharing

    Using Apple’s AirDrop feature, you can share files only with Apple users. With DigiBoxx, being available to android and iOS users, you can do cross-platform file-sharing too. Additionally, you can access your DigiBoxx account using Web Application as well.

  • Add-ons to file-sharing

    We all are curious about what add-ons we get for an app that we install. Aren’t we?

    DigiBoxx provides additional features that cater to other tasks of yours simultaneously. For example, if you want to store the files you share with your colleagues, you can use our cloud storage solution. With the free version of DigiBoxx, users get 20 GB of cloud storage. Similarly, the files that are stored will not be accessible to any users unless you provide access.

    There are several other add-ons that you may be interested in knowing. You can walk through our features section, where we have covered it for you.

Let’s not forget that several Chinese apps were banned in India last year owing to data security problems. DigiBoxx, on the other hand, provides 100% data security, which makes it a perfect choice while sharing files in 2021, and further.


Though we are trying to claim that DigiBoxx is the best way of sharing files in 2021, DigiBoxx’s features do. If you encounter any challenges while sharing files using DigiBoxx, you can connect with our representative or check our tutorial videos.

You can share your reviews with us on the play store or any of our social media channels. We shall be pleased to solve your queries, if any.