Know more about the Indian file sharing app – DigiBoxx

Since the inception of DigiBoxx, it has been serving as an asset management platform helping its users in several ways. Like,

  • File Sharing App – Sharing your essential digital assets with your friends, family members, and other sub-ordinates within a few seconds.
  • File Storage App – DigiBoxx becomes an easy option for everyone to save their files without any worries of losing them.
  • File Security App – Alongside saving and sharing your digital assets, securing them from unauthorized access is the topmost priority. DigiBoxx provides the required file security to avoid any data breach.

To enhance the experience of our users, we keep on adding new features to DigiBoxx. We have already had several discussions regarding our features. As a result, we have tried to solve some of the other queries regarding our Indian file sharing app.

Know your Indian file sharing app

  • If the user chooses to close/delete the account, how many days they get to download their data?

    Though we don’t want our users to delete their DigiBoxx account, in case if they wish to, they get 90 days from the day of expiry to download their data.

  • Is it possible to upgrade the account if a user wants to?

    A user can upgrade their account after log in to their DigiBoxx account. They can click on the Profile icon, choose to upgrade, and select the plan.

  • Is it possible to downgrade the account if a user wants to?

    As per our policy, we don’t provide an option to downgrade the account to our users. We apologize for it!

  • Is it possible to change the DigiSpace name?

    DigiSpace is a unique name created at the time of creating your account. You cannot change your DigiSpace name once it is created.

  • Can users change their email addresses?

    On DigiBoxx, an email address works as a username. Hence, it cannot be changed.

  • How to retrieve a deleted file on DigiBoxx?

    Usually, DigiBoxx is handled by you. In case if you delete any file, it is available in recycle bin. (Recycle bin is available under the profile section)

    In case if your bin is cleaned up, then you cannot retrieve the deleted file.


There are way more queries you might get regarding the Indian file sharing app – DigiBoxx. You can connect with our representative to get it solved.

Happy DigiBoxxing!