Best file transfer app for small & medium size businesses – DigiBoxx

Since December 2020, DigiBoxx has served many users and was able to cross the 1 million mark recently. One of the reasons behind reaching this milestone was the features we provide to our users as a File Transfer app. Whether you are a freelancer, small organization, medium-sized organization, or big organization, DigiBoxx has everything to solve your digital asset management problems.

Let us talk about small & medium-sized businesses and the queries that DigiBoxx solves for these TG’s. We would like to mention a couple of features (focussing on SMBs) before we let you know the questions that DigiBoxx solves.

Special features for SMBs

  • You can divide your storage space.

    Suppose your organization has 20 GB of storage space. DigiBoxx allows you to divide it amongst your users as per their needs. It means that if User A needs 2 GB of storage space, only 2 GB is allotted, and so on.

  • Access to Analytics

    As an owner or the admin of the storage space given to your organization, you have access to the analytics of how your users utilize space. Additionally, you can also learn about the overall activities performed by your users using DigiBoxx’s storage space.

  • Share your brand assets only with the users who need them

    At times, there are brand assets that are not necessarily required to be shared with some of your employees. In such a case, using DigiBoxx, you can transfer or share your assets with users who need them. Not everyone has access to such files.

Now let us talk about the queries that SMBs frequently ask and how DigiBoxx solves them.

Frequently asked queries of SMBs

  • What are the plans designed by DigiBoxx for SMBs?

    If you want to explore more about the plans designed for SMBs, kindly visit (Note – Prices are excluding 18% GST)

  • Is it possible to integrate DigiBoxx with Intranet?

    Currently, DigiBoxx is not providing the feature. However, our team has always been focusing on solving your concerns and releasing new enhancements. We would like you to stay tuned for further versions of DigiBoxx.

  • Usually, SMBs believe that DigiBoxx is affordable. But do we have any hidden charges?

    There are no hidden charges. We generally ask users to register for an individual plan to experience the features provided by DigiBoxx. Later, they may upgrade accordingly.

We hope that being an SMBs if the above questions reflect your queries, it is solved. In any case of other questions, you can reach out to us anytime.


The current features provided by DigiBoxx to all its SMB users prove that DigiBoxx is the best file transfer app coupled with a digital asset management platform.