DigiBoxx – a new dawn in Digital Asset Management

For far too long, Indians have relied on foreign file-saving/sharing services to collaborate with their teams at work, or even with their families. And it is mostly random – a folder you might send today, you might forget 6 months down the line. What if you need it again?

That’s where DigiBoxx comes into the picture – India’s first Swadesi Digital Asset Management platform that lets you manage your pictures, videos, documents, folders, assets on-the-go, on any device.

Store and share files. Manage folders. And find them easily.

On DigiBoxx, all you need to do is create an account for yourself or for your enterprise. From there on, your life and critical assets will be organised in a way that makes collaboration simple.

DigiBoxx allows you to access files instantly and give feedback on the same intuitive, single source of data, securely locked away in the cloud and organised in an Indian cloud forever in your reach. The best part? It’s (almost) limitless once you’ve chosen a plan – you can store and share multiple files of any format and any size. You can also comment on certain files.

How do we do this, you ask? It’s simple – we pack the power of advanced cloud content management tech in the background, which allows seamless integration with other apps on your system. So share files through your Gmail or Hotmail ids – or even your business ids – and it’s all secure thanks to the Indian cloud security, which measures authentication of users and devices, access control for data and resources and protection of data privacy.

And through all this, you can keep a track of all your brand assets – through performance reports on your admin console. So the file from 6 months ago we were talking about? Yes, you can find it any time you like.