Tracking brand asset performance and reports

Your brand is the most valuable asset of your business. Additionally, assets are the essential ingredient of your brand. Storing and saving these brand assets is the most crucial aspect of your business.

But how will you make sure that your brand assets are safe and can always be available to your team members? Keeping it stored inside your personal computers does not ensure safety, nor does it allow all your team members to access the assets. Also, having all your assets stored inside your personal computer or in any physical drives will never help you track its performance.

As a brand owner, if you want to track your brand performance and create timely reports about it, DigiBoxx becomes the perfect choice for you. DigiBoxx is an Indian cloud storage, and file-sharing application developed to safeguard your assets, make them available whenever you need, and track assets’ performance which is the most critical task at the end of the day.

You might be wondering why we are calling DigiBoxx, the perfect choice to manage your brand assets. Here are those features for which DigiBoxx becomes your right platform to manage your brand assets.  

Features of DigiBoxx brand asset management

  • Track your brand assets’ performance Once you have uploaded your assets on DigiBoxx, you can easily manage them by sharing them with your contacts, giving them access to your assets. Additionally, you can keep track of who all have access to your assets, who all made the assets’ changes, etc. Thus, you can easily manage your brand assets’ performance using DigiBoxx.
  • Timely reports of your brand assets Suppose you have a few assets saved in your cloud storage provided by DigiBoxx, and you want to understand the overall performance of your assets. In such a case, DigiBoxx provides you a functionality where a timely report can be customized and created to check the overall performance of your brand assets. You cannot do this when you have all your assets saved in your personal computer or any physical drive.
    These two features distinguish DigiBoxx from its competitors providing the digital asset management platform to store and safeguard your brand assets.


The best brand asset management platform will always provide you with an opportunity to promote and safeguard your brand. And DigiBoxx is a perfect choice!

Happy DigiBoxxing!