Smart file search using DigiBoxx

The Digital era has its pros and cons. If we talk about the pros, people can manage their digital assets quickly and easily using cloud storage platforms like DigiBoxx. But, on the other hand, people have started forgetting the file names & file locations where they have saved their digital assets. In this scenario, they need a smart file search solution.

Humans are known for their advancements and ability to find a solution to each problem they face. Therefore, to overcome the problem of forgetting the file name and location, DigiBoxx Cloud Storage has found the best solution i.e. smart file search to save your time and efforts in finding the saved files.

DigiBoxx, an Indian Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Application, provides a feature to add meta-data while saving the files in the storage space. Meta-data helps in smart file search. Meta-data is, in short, your understanding regarding the file you are holding in the storage space. You need to follow the steps we have mentioned here.

Steps to store files with meta-data

  • Create your DigiBoxx Cloud Drive account. You can refer to the plans offered by DigiBoxx while creating your account.
  • Activate your account and log in.
  • Select the file you want to upload.
  • While uploading the file, save the file with the name of your choice and the description of your choice. This description & file name works as a meta-data of your file.
  • In the future, if you want to use the same file, you can easily search your file using your meta-data. Just entering the words used in the meta-data, you can search the file easily and quickly.

Using the intelligent search functionality provided by DigiBoxx file transfer app, you can find your files without remembering the exact name and location of the file.

Tip – Keep some standard text for the files having similar content so that you can extract all the files in one go when you search for it.

Concluding it

Whether you remember or forget the exact file name or location of the files, the usage of meta-data will always be beneficial for you to group and extract the files in one go.

Happy DigiBoxxing!