How to transfer a file from one phone to another?

Let’s consider our situation 5-7 years back when the android operating system was new in India. In those days, Bluetooth was the only option available when someone had to transfer a file from one phone to another. However, it still had its limitations concerning speed, and there was no possibility to transfer a file from android to ios.

As days passed, technology improved, and people started finding options for online file transfer. A few possibilities included,

  • We were using WhatsApp to share files. But it had its disadvantages like quality degradation, file-size limitations, and much more.
  • We were using online cloud storage provided by Google. But, Google provided the possibility of only 16 GB to be stored and shared.
  • We also used the mailing system provided by Google & Yahoo. However, it had its limitations too.

Many technological advancements were happening during this period, which led to the development of apps like ShareIT. It was possible to share large files rapidly and without any quality degradation using ShareIT.

Last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic started, the importance of work from home increased significantly. Hence, the urge to have apps like ShareIT to transfer files from one phone to another increased tremendously. However, with the ban of Chinese apps in India, ShareIT became ineffective.

However, the urge remained constant, and there was a need for a file transfer app, providing the facility of sharing files remotely. The inception of DigiBoxx came as a relief maker for Indians.

DigiBoxx, an Indian file transfer app service, came into existence in December 2020. It not only provided the facility of sharing files from one phone to another, but it gave several other add-on advantages to its users (which has crossed the 1 million mark recently).

Though we have already discussed the advantages of DigiBoxx in several of our previous conversations, we will just point out the ones that relate to your file transfer.

Advantages of using DigiBoxx in your online file transfer

  • Instant file transfer using InstaShare

    If you are about to share a file with your friends, family, or any subordinate, and the file size is less than 2 GB, then InstaShare is your best choice. Without even creating an account on DigiBoxx, you can transfer files with ease.

  • Securely store files to be shared

    Just like Google Drive, DigiBoxx provides you with a cloud storage facility with 100% security. With the free version of DigiBoxx, you get a storage space of 20 GB (Google provides 16 GB free space) to store files which you can share whenever required.

  • Send files anywhere

    With ShareIT, you had to be near the user sending the files. But with DigiBoxx, this limitation is removed. You can be anywhere if you wish to receive the files.

  • Cross-platform file transfer

    Considering the situation when Bluetooth facility was available in android phones, and not in ios, there was a limitation where files were shared from android to android. With DigiBoxx, you can share files from android to iOS and vice versa.

With so many advantages and the capability of transferring files from one phone to another, DigiBoxx becomes one of the perfect choices while searching for a file transfer app. Connect with our customer representative if you find any queries, or you can walk through our YouTube demo videos of how to use various functionalities today. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you find demonstrations valuable and practical.