Upload files of different formats and sizes

We believe that we successfully present our idea regarding DigiBoxx using a typical pattern of helping you understand the difference between the past and the present. Additionally, while presenting our concept, we try to give you an insight into what it will be in the future, as per our understanding.

Let us begin this content piece in the similar fashion of taking you into the flashback and bringing you back to the present.

“Which were the regular software used in 2010?”

Everyone might think of MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, etc., right? We were using this software and were saving the files in our internal memory of the computer. Remember, all these files were having different file formats and were consuming memory.

If you had to store these files as a backup, the first option would have been pen drives or external hard drives. These drives allowed us to store files with multiple file formats and file sizes. But, it was too tough to carry these drives everywhere you travel.

Let us come back in 2021.

The first choice of any user to save files as a backup will be any cloud storage system. We hope you agree with us!

It would be best to choose a cloud storage system that allows you to upload files of multiple file formats and with different file sizes as well as store them securely. We can proudly say that DigiBoxx is a perfect choice for users who want to upload and store files having different formats & sizes.

Significance of DigiBoxx in storing the files

  • Store files with multiple file formats

    Forget about the past; if we want to concentrate on the present, we use various software to create files having different file formats. If you wish to store all these files somewhere as a backup, then DigiBoxx is the best option.

    DigiBoxx is an online file storage app developed to store files with different file formats without losing the files. The process of uploading files on DigiBoxx is straightforward, and any layman can upload it in seconds (depending on the file size).

  • Store files with different sizes

    Since the start of the pandemic, we have used our smartphones to a great extent. Files generated by these smartphones are usually huge concerning their size.

    If you wish to store all these files without any error in a cloud storage system, DigiBoxx becomes the right choice as it provides 20 GB of storage space for free to start with.

Undoubtedly, the significance of DigiBoxx, allows it to withstand the amount of competition it has in the present market.

Summing Up

From the time you want to create an account until you start uploading files of different formats & sizes, DigiBoxx provides an intuitive interface that enhances your user experience. Try DigiBoxxing now!