How much can you upload on DigiBoxx at one go?

If you wish to get an answer to this question, you first need to decide on the DigiBoxx plan you want to purchase. The size of the files you are allowed to upload on DigiBoxx at one go depends on the plan you have purchased. Here, we have tried to club answers depending on the plan you have purchased.

Plan wise distribution of the file storage

Let’s say you have purchased our free plan, where we give 20 GB of cloud storage for free. In that case, you are allowed to upload a file with a maximum size of 2 GB. It means if all your files are 2 GB big, then you can upload 10 files only.

In case if you are an individual business person or freelancer, having just 20 GB of free storage is not enough. Instead, we suggest you go for the individual plan, where we offer 2 TB of cloud storage space. Additionally, instead of 2 GB files, you can upload a file of size 10 GB. You can see the amount of liberty you will get with an increase in the storage space.

For small and medium-sized businesses, even 2 TB is not enough to suffice the requirement. Understanding the requirement, we have an SMB plan where users are allowed to use a storage space of 25 TB with a maximum file size limit of 10 GB. The amount you are investing in purchasing these plans, except the free plan, is significantly less than the competitors in the market.

If you are running your enterprise, the amount of storage you need to accomplish the demand of all your employees is at times not so sure. In order to match your expectations, DigiBoxx is ready to devise a customized plan for you. You can connect with our pre-sales team. Remember, in the case of personalized plans, there is no file size limit. But it depends on how the plan is devised.


In short, our very own Indian Cloud Storage and File Sharing app, DigiBoxx, is ready to accept all your demands, and fulfill all your expectations. You can start DigiBoxxing today!