How are companies shaping the present and future of learning?

Early on during the pandemic, when many companies were shutting their operational offices and were asking employees to work from home, they were worried about how to upskill their employees. Our phone was smart, our credit card was smart, and our car was smart, but our workspace was not.

If we had seen our workspace at that time, it would have been a mess. Our documents, conversations, and a lot more related to our work were scattered across different platforms. It was not our fault, nor were our employees at the root of the problem; technology had not caught up well.

But as we moved on during the pandemic, technology favored & played a fantastic role in bringing people, teams, and companies together. Think how much the workspace has improved in the last two years. We have gone from a few apps to a bunch of apps.

Most of us switch between the apps every six minutes. Notifications and alerts have become like usual for us. But since our content, tools, and teams were scattered, it was challenging to sync them all. Even if companies were looking to upskill their employees, the scatteredness of the content made it difficult to do so.

The evolution of DigiBoxx cracked the code and made it easier for the companies to reshape the present and future of learning, even during the pandemic. You might wonder how DigiBoxx made it possible for companies to bring their teams together to shape the future of learning & working.

Here are those essential aspects of DigiBoxx, that made it possible.

Significant aspects of DigiBoxx to shape the present & future of learning and working

  • First of all, with the cloud storage facility of DigiBoxx, companies can keep their content intact in one place.
  • Next, with DigiBoxx, it becomes easy for the account owners to get the latest updates in the documents stored in the cloud storage.
  • DigiBoxx, being a file transfer app, if company owners want to share any knowledge in the form of documents, training, or anything, can transfer the files in a matter of minutes.
  • DigiBoxx provides a facility of InstaShare. With InstaShare, companies can do online file transfers without creating an account. Thus, ensuring that important files are shared with the employees on time.

What else can a company expect while creating an intelligent workspace for their employees to develop, upskill, and work together? With DigiBoxx’s inception, it has become easier for companies to plan out their skilling/upskilling/reskilling programs for their employees.


We were not working smart earlier. There was a need to change.

DigiBoxx has brought the necessary change in the company’s working style and skilling, reskilling, and upskilling the employees. Additionally, it has become effortless to stay away from the scatteredness in the content, teams, and tools. They can now upload the latest content, tools (maybe information about the tools like tool links) and keep teams in sync.

Thus, shaping the present & future of learning!