Is there any Indian sharing app like ShareIT?

The government of India banned more than 50 Chinese apps in 2020 owing to data security threats. It came as a surprise to every one of us that it included majorly used apps like TikTok, ShareIT, etc. However, it is a fact that all these apps were using our data many times.

If we talk about the days before its ban, ShareIT was serving us as a utility app. It was used to share files in seconds. Though it came into controversies in the past, users had used it many times, giving the app access to their files.

We need to understand that if the app is malicious, then there are brighter chances that the app will store your information on the servers. While allowing files to access your files, there is a remote possibility of accessing your location and spy on you. Additionally, the apps were allowed to do all these activities without even your knowledge.

Commonly, users have personal files on their smartphones. We make our data vulnerable if we allow these apps to access our files. Hence, removing these apps for all the Indian users was right, though it came as a surprise.

Now, the question that arises is whether there is any Indian app that serves all the tasks performed by ShareIT?

There are several file-sharing apps, especially for android users, available today, performing all the previously served activities by ShareIT. We have disclosed one of the best sharing apps in the present situation among those several sharing apps.

The Indian Sharing App we want to discuss is DigiBoxx. It was developed and launched in 2020. Until today, DigiBoxx has received an excellent response from the users. DigiBoxx has crossed the 1 million user mark recently.

To prove how it becomes the best alternative to ShareIT in India, you might have to go through the advantages of DigiBoxx, which we are mentioning here. Additionally, you can download the app and try using it once on your android phone to understand the feasibility of the file-sharing app.

Significant advantages of using DigiBoxx as a replacement for ShareIT

  • You can share files remotely

    In the case of ShareIT, you had to be in a close connection with the receiver if you wish to share files. Suppose you are working remotely, and you want to share files with the same speed as ShareIT, then DigiBoxx is a perfect file-sharing solution. Whether in close connection or not, DigiBoxx allows you to share files in seconds.

  • DigiBoxx keeps your data secured

    Unlike banned Chinese apps, DigiBoxx does not compromise the security of your data. DigiBoxx believes that your data is solely yours. DigiBoxx provides the best protection against external and internal threats.

  • No one can access your data without your permission

    So far, the file-sharing applications we saw didn’t have facilities like cloud storage. With DigiBoxx, you are eligible for a 20 GB free storage space while creating an account.

    Once you upload any files/folders in your cloud storage, no one can access your files unless you allow any user to access them. Additionally, you can assign multiple admins who have access to your files and allow other users to access the files on demand.

These significant advantages prove DigiBoxx as the best replacement for ShareIT in India.

Concluding It

Alongside a file-sharing solution for you, DigiBoxx also provides a cloud storage solution to store your files with 100% security. Now, the choice is yours!

Let us know if you have any questions!