Is there any non-Chinese file-sharing app in India?

With the inception of smartphones, the requirement for the file-sharing app has increased. File-sharing apps have become of the most downloaded apps in the country. The industry alone amounts to billions of dollars net worth when it comes to file-sharing and cloud storage apps.

For several years, a Chinese app called ShareIT had been on the top of the Indian market. Out of 1.8 billion users of ShareIT, 500 million users were from India alone. However, the file sharing app company faced several challenges while they were not banned in India.

Last year, the Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps, which included giants like WeTransfer, ShareIT, and TikTok. It was a well-known fact that all these Chinese apps were using our data and breaching data laws.

If the app is malicious, there are chances when they can peep into your data and use it for the company’s benefit. By allowing these apps to use your information, you permitted companies to use your information and store it wherever they want to.

Commonly, users have personal images, videos, and other vital files in their smartphone memory. These Chinese apps usually asked to give access to your personal information. By allowing, you were inviting the threat.

Thank god, that the Government decided to remove it from usage and promoted #AtmanirbharBharat. After the announcement, many people shifted to the Indian file-sharing alternatives. One such domestic cloud drive alternative was DigiBoxx.


DigiBoxx, an Indian Cloud Storage software, became the best Indian File-Sharing app of our times. Back in December 2020, DigiBoxx was launched by Amitabh Kant, the CEO of NITI Aayog.

With the introduction of DigiBoxx, the file-sharing activity became so easy, especially for all of us residing in India. Here, we would like to demonstrate some of the noteworthy features that made DigiBoxx one of the best of its kind.

Noteworthy Features of DigiBoxx

  • Along with sharing your files, you can manage your digital assets by storing them in DigiBoxx. DigiBoxx provides free storage online of 20 GB with a free version to upload and manage your digital assets like images, videos, presentations, etc.
  • With a functionality called InstaShare, you can share your files with your friends and family without creating an account on DigiBoxx.
  • When you are storing/sharing files using DigiBoxx, you need not worry about your files’ security. It remains 100% secure. Storage space protects your files with SSL security.
  • The files you upload are stored on the servers residing in India. All the DigiBoxx Cloud Drive servers are placed inside India.

These features distinguished DigiBoxx from the banned Chinese apps. Additionally, these features make DigiBoxx, a powerful Indian File-Sharing App.

Summing Up

We want to conclude our say by inviting you to become a user of DigiBoxx. You can run through our plans if you wish to. You can now use DigiBoxx on your Android and IOS devices by downloading the app.

If you face any kind of technical or functional problems, you can connect with our customer service representative. We will be happy to assist you.