The New Normal: A Secure Remote Workforce

TCS has already put forth a plan of 75% of the workforce working remotely. Some organizations like Tech Mahindra have stated that close to 30% of their workforce will continue working from home when (and if) the lockdown is lifted soon. In such a scenario, the 9-to-5 workday in a physical office will soon become a thing of the past. Remote work will become the new normal, if it hasn’t already.

In such a scenario, your team needs all the help they can get, with respect to digital assets – they need access to their files and folders from a single, centralized source to be able to get work done from anywhere.

That’s where DigiBoxx comes in – it is the foundation of your work-from-home model, an Indian Digital Asset Management platform that ensures that all your files, folders, pictures, videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, contracts… EVERYTHING is available at one true source. And to add to it, DigiBoxx puts it in secure remote workforce. Backed by robust cloud content management systems and cloud computing security, your digital assets remain yours entirely and comply with Indian laws and norms, thereby ensuring you focus on the one thing that matters – the running of your enterprise.

As we grow into our role and become even more robust as time goes by, you and your team will be able to find more resources – like educational blogs and reading material – to learn more about remote working and how you can better connect and collaborate with teams. So we can move together, united, towards a dream of being a truly global, secure remote workforce.