Why are most of us happy working remotely?

No matter what work you do, last year has brought a tremendous revolution in our way of working. Whether you are a doctor teleconsulting your patients, a teacher, teaching students on zoom, or a musician, shifting from being into concerts to becoming a music consultant online, you all were having a significant shift.

But, when it comes to working, we feel flexibility is essential rather than than the location. It’s about the efficiency & effectiveness of our work that matters. It’s about freedom of when to work and when not to. Do you agree with us?

Most of us are enjoying the freedom of working from home. But do you know how good technology has played its role in creating a happy working environment for us?

The rapid growth of electronic media and communication has made distributed work easier, faster, and effective. The use of technology has created teams instead of virtual teams. We want to point out a few reasons why we all love working remotely, considering how technology has supported us and a few other aspects.

Why do people like working from home?

  • Work at our speed, with significant improvement in productivity

    There are a set of people who think that remote working does not yield productivity. However, most of us working from our homes are working at our own pace, in our comfort zones.

    According to the most recent data, productivity has gone up by 47% despite the coronavirus lockdown and the consequent increase in working from home.

    The companies have had their experiences, and thus, they are continuing work from home policies. On the other hand, we are yielding better productivity and enjoying our days working from home.

  • Readily available technology

    Earlier, when the government of India decided to lockdown our country, it was difficult for employees and companies to coordinate and get the work done. As days go, we saw technologies becoming handy to utilize and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
    For example, when it came to face-to-face communication, zoom & similar tools became effective. Lockdown gave us an understanding of which tools were available to be used for several of our tasks.

    Similarly, when our government banned some Chinese apps in India, many Indian apps started growing their influence and existence. One such app is DigiBoxx. It quickened our online file transfer task and provided cloud storage to store files.

  • Quality time with your family & friends

    Though this is something we used to do even before the pandemic, lockdown gave us a chance of spending quality time with our near ones. Some of the reasons you can consider why we are mentioning it out here,

    • We can now work from any part of the world, go for a staycation, and work from there. Having technologies like DigiBoxx, an Indian file transfer app, we can stay updated with the latest updates/communications without entering our offices.
    • We can stay connected with our team members using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.
    • And much more.


    Quick hacks to increase output when working from home

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Hence, it becomes easy for us to give justice to our work and spend the necessary quality time with our near ones.

We can list many reasons here, confirming why most of us are happy working remotely. However, the only thing that is the bottom line for all these discussions is the growth of technology and how we have adopted it with the changing times.

Do you agree?